Over the last 10 years of its operation, Riaz Khan & Co has acted for a large number of clients ranging from the businesses, community & religious organisations to high profile individual clients. Here are some of the clients we had represented:

Habib Restaurant, Bradford.

We helped Habib Restaurant to bring over to the UK experienced Chefs on Work Permit Visas. Here is what Mr Habib had to say about us “Without Riaz Khan & Co we would not have been able to provide a top food and catering service in Bradford. Thank you Riaz Khan & Co.”

Apna Mirpur Jewellers, Sheffield.

We helped this busy and successful business in Sheffield bring over professional jewellers from Pakistan on work permit visas. Our client was very satisfied and commented that “ We received professional and top quality advice from Riaz Khan which resulted in us bringing to the UK experienced jewellers from Pakistan ”

Malting Garage, Sheffield.

We represented this local MOT and motor vehicle garage in Sheffield who needed an experienced motor vehicle mechanic. Under the work permit rules, they managed to get an experienced and professional mechanic from abroad. Mr Mahboob the owner was delighted with the result and said “ Riaz Khan & Co is the best “.

Madhani Memorials, Dewsbury

We acted for this Muslim Memorial and Gravestones business to bring over from Pakistan on work permits 2 stone masons who were skilled in masonry work. This business is now thriving as a result.
The owner Mr Rasab commented “if it was not for Riaz Khan & Co we would have gone bust today as we could not find any body locally skilled in the UK in this area of work”.

Asian community Action Group, Sheffield.

We acted for this Community Organisation in Sheffield to challenge the Home Office against the immigration rule which raised the age of entry clearance for overseas spouses to 21 years. We intervened on behalf of this Organisation in the case of Quilla & Others v SSHD 2011 and won. Subsequently the age requirement was lowered to 18 years. Our client commented “Riaz Khan is a top Human Rights Lawyer in the UK. We would recommend him to any one at any time.”

Masjid Umar, Sheffield.

We acted for this local mosque in Sheffield in a planning appeal at the High Court. Following its case in the High Court, the mosque was granted permission by the local council to establish its place of worship at Petre Street Sheffield. The mosque was pleased and said ” we have received a very thorough and professional advice and representations from Riaz Khan & Co”

Zenen Thaqi

We acted for Mr Zenel Thaqi in the famous case of ZT (Kosovo) v SSHD 2009. See our home page and click on for further reading. Mr Thaqi said ” without Riaz Khan my family would not be here in the UK today. Thank you Riaz khan.”

AL Amri

We acted for Mr Al Amri and his family who sought asylum in the UK but was refused. We took his case to the High Court and won. See the case in full details by going to our home page and clicking on the case. Client commented “ thank you Riaz Khan, you are top asylum lawyer”